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Tennis 1 ITN
Age 50+
  • Frederico Fauvelet

  • From: Portugal, Aveiro, Espinho
  • Characteristics:
     All-Court, Baseliner, Doubles Player, Net player, One-handed Backhand, Singles Player.
  • Sports: Tennis (1 ITN), Padel (level 5), Squash (level 4), Beach Tennis (level 4), Badminton (level 4), Racquetball (level 4), Table Tennis (level 4), Gym (level 1), Soccer (11) (level 4), Teqball (level 4), Pickleball (level 4), Basketball (level 4), Soccer (7) (level 4), Soccer (5) (level 4), Beach Soccer (level 4), Court Soccer (level 4), Basket 3on3 (level 4), Padbol (level 4)
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