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Tietennis for Business

Presentation Video of Tietennis features.

Discover the universe of Tietennis and find how this social network will change the way you manage your club and interact with your clients!

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Online Booking

for courts and lessons

Allows online bookings for all your courts.

Defines multiple timetables and different prices per day or hour.

You may define different event types (Match, Lesson, Group Lesson, Tournament, Etc.) and associate them colors and abbreviations to easily identify them.

Court Scheduler

Availability of courts is automatically set according to local and online reservations.


of players and members

Players and occasional players profiles are automatically stored in your online database, so you get all actual data from your customers.

Imagine being able to get in touch with your customers with just a click of the mouse and having the functionality to control your associate’s fees with filters to establish fees outstanding.

Networks Organizer

All your Networks just a click away

Organize players into networks. Select gender, age and level to create a network. You can create multiple networks.

Social Tournaments

Organize and promote tournaments and ladders

Build the brackets of your tournaments, automatically assign draws and determine how the rankings shall be calculated.

This management tool can easily schedule games, define results, validate rules or even choose between "Single" or "Double Elimination". All of this plus a superb tool to promote your tournament!

Online/Onsite Live Monitor

Overview of the courts occupation

Real time availability and schedules of your courts.

Social Events Organizer

Planning and managing.

Easily and quickly organize friendly tournaments. Invite, accept and go! Promote social tennis in your club!

Do you need to organize a social tournament in your club? Tietennis have the solution!

Coaches Personal Schedule

A calendar with the coaches Schedule Itinerary

All coaches have everything organized in a calendar that they can consult at any moment.


Realtime availability

Tietennis controls all availability of the coaches and allows online booking for lessons.

Global Tennis Network

Promote your club in the global network

Make your club well known! You will see many more people in your club.

This is just the beginning of a new era!

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