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Players - Presentation Video

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Presentation video of the main features of Tietennis for players.

Discover the universe of Tietennis and find out how this social network will change the way tennis is practiced around the world.

Create your Profile

Add your Personal Info and experience

Are you a tennis player? Are you a Pro Player, a Coach, a Casual Player or just a Fan? is exactly what you need! It’s just like a social network tool but it’s exclusively for tennis players! Register for free. Define yourself as a beginner, a casual, a Pro or even a coach Player. Set your location and find your favorite venues. Find your frequent opponents or start looking for some other players to play with.

Share your data & stats

Always be the first to know

Your player characteristics and past games will contribute to your stats and rating. This data will be shared with your friends in

The players have a profile with physical, athletic, and social characteristics. And aside from being indexed in their area of residence, they also have friendship networks and favorite clubs. What Tietennis does is promote these social lines by bringing them together and making them more attractive and dynamic, strengthening the sport around the social clubs.

Ratings and progress log

Seasons Ratings and progress log's are just a click a way

Each season a historic log of all your matches and the scores is stored. Your progress will be registered each year.

This process allows you to keep a track of your games, and your rating will change accordingly.

Head-to-head comparison

The right information, right when you need it

Do you want to register a head-to-head comparison with your frequent opponents? Achieve more victories! Improve your statistics!

Create Players Networks

Take the initiative and organize your own NETWORK

Organize players in your neighborhood, city or region. Promote friendly matches between them and generate a new competition spirit between them!

Connect all of the members in your network, keep a rating history of all of them and share their progress.

You can even select them by gender, age and level in order to create a more professional network.

Challenge a player

Finding someone to play has never been easier can be used within your local area, whilst on business trips and when on holiday. You can find Clubs wherever you go and you can organize matches with other players in these clubs. Enjoy tennis wherever you go!

Organize your Playing Schedule

Keep all your schedule matches in one place

Organize your agenda and tennis schedules. Tietennis will help you to not forget any game any time. Your Tietennis calendar could be synchronized with your personal calendar.

Book a court or a Lesson

Easily Book a court or a Tennis Lesson

Book a court at your favorite venues with just a click on the internet. After you and your opponent have decided when and where to play, will notify the Venue administrator, asking him to accept the court reservation.

As you see it's that easy.

Bring the pros into your social tennis circle

In tennis, there is a huge gap between the average tennis amateur and the professional Tennis players. Tietennis has created a unique functionality to bring the pros closer to you. You can view head to head comparisons with your favorite Professional tennis players. Get up close to a pro and view your statistics versus the Pros statistics and compare information such as games won this season, ratings, height and type of player. View the pros profile, view tournament information, and news updates. Feel a closer link to your favorite pro!

Start your game right now!